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DC brushless blower performance advantages
- 2019-07-16-



       At present, DC brushless blowers mostly use brushless DC motors, because the collector ring and excitation brush are eliminated, so that The structure of the brushless DC motor is greatly simplified. It not only improves the technical performance of the motor, but also greatly improves the mechanical reliability and life of the motor. Not only that, but also superior control performance compared to other motors. This is because the torque constant, torque inertia ratio, power density, etc. of the motor have been greatly improved due to the high performance of the permanent magnet material.

      Through reasonable design, the inertia, electromechanical time constant and other indicators can be greatly reduced, and as a main indicator of servo control performance has been greatly improved. The design of modern permanent magnet circuit is perfected, and the coercive force of permanent magnet material is high. Therefore, the armature reaction and anti-demagnetization capability of the permanent magnet motor are greatly improved, and the control parameters of the motor are greatly reduced under the influence of external disturbance.

      The use of permanent magnets instead of electrical excitation reduces the design of the field winding and magnetic field, thereby reducing parameters such as field flux, field winding inductance and field current, thus allowing control variables Or the parameters meet the design requirements. Direct restore. All of these factors can be said to have good controllability of DC brushless blowers.