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Daily maintenance of DC brushless fan
- 2019-03-25-


        DC brushless fan products are characterized by high efficiency, low noise, stable operation and long life. The brushless DC motor application is also very wide, such as can be used for household ventilator motors, oxygen generators, small blowers, etc., we can also according to customer requirements Customized brushless DC motors, personalized custom processing can meet your various requirements for the product. How can we ensure the performance of the DC brushless fan is good? In fact, daily maintenance is also very important. For example, when the DC brushless fan is not used for long-term storage, we should apply anti-rust oil to the surface of the bearing and other major components to prevent these parts from being rusted. In addition, the rotor of the fan needs to manually move the rotor for half a turn every half month or so. Before the moving, mark the shaft end so that the uppermost point is at the bottom after moving the rotor.

       When DC Brushless Fan is discontinued When the ambient temperature is below 5 °C, the water remaining in the equipment and piping should be drained to avoid freezing the equipment and piping.

       When DC brushless fans are used, we should check the impellers regularly Whether there are cracks, abrasions, dust accumulation, etc., the impeller must be kept clean at all times, and the dust and scale on the surface should be brushed regularly with a wire brush. Because these materials are attached to the impeller, it is likely that the impeller balance will be destroyed and the rotor will vibrate.

       When using a DC brushless fan, if you don’t understand anything , can refer to the factory manual, the general factory manual will clearly explain the DC brushless fan operation and use precautions, as long as we follow the factory manual steps can avoid unnecessary Loss.