• DC Brushless Blower

    DC Brushless BlowerD-RG118 products are widely used in gas heating equipment, burners, combustion gas boilers, gas wall boilers, water heating, textile machineContact Now

  • Full premixed gas turbine

    Full premixed gas turbineD-RG130 adopts low noise, high temperature resistance, constant air volume control design, long life brushless DC motor, maximum speed 6150rContact Now

  • burner fan

    burner fanD-RG148 products are characterized by high efficiency, low noise, stable operation, long life and energy saving. The DC brushless fan is easContact Now

  • DC Brushless Fan

    DC Brushless FanD-RG175 motors feature stall protection and current limiting protection, as well as soft start and auto start procedures. The degree of protContact Now

  • Smart stove fan

    Smart stove fanD-R77 has the advantages of large air volume, high wind pressure and low noise. It can be customized according to customer requirements. NonContact Now

  • ECM motor

    ECM motorECM motor has motor protection device, it will automatically protect when thermal protection and built-in electronic overload protection oveContact Now

  • Energy-saving fan motor

    Energy-saving fan motorThe fan 7112 can be customized for a wide range of applications. The walk-in box evaporator fan can reach the HVAC evaporator fan and the aiContact Now

  • Brushless freezer fan motor

    Brushless freezer fan motorFan model 7120 can be customized, brushless freezer fan motor has IP65 high protection level, built-in control board spray special protectivContact Now

  • Brushless DC Motor

    Brushless DC MotorBrushless DC Motor DIH13 It can be applied to household ventilator motors, oxygen generators, small blowers, etc. according to customer reqContact Now

  • Brushless DC frameless torque motor

    Brushless DC frameless torque motorBrushless DC Frameless Torque Motor Frameless torque motors with direct drive technology can be directly embedded in the unit. DC brushless Contact Now