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What are the factors that affect the price of ECM motors?
- 2019-03-25-
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         ECM motor is a permanent magnet brushless motor with constant torque output. There are many factors affecting the price of ECM motor. The main factors are the brand of ECM motor, the model of ECM motor, and the ECM motor. Performance and other factors.

   1 .ECM motor brand

price of ECM motor brand and ECM motor There is a big deal, not only the price difference between the brands, but also the price between the imported brand and the domestic brand is very different, so when you choose the ECM motor, you need to evaluate the purchase and use, if it is for the ECM motor The requirements are not high, you can choose domestic brands.

  ;   2.Model of ECM motor

ECM motor models are different, the price is different, the model is different, the built-in configuration is also very different, of course, will affect the price of ECM motor, so if we also Need to look at the model, if the price is the same, I generally choose a relatively high configuration, so this kind of cost is relatively high. However, the price of different manufacturers of ECM motors with the same model will be different, because different manufacturers will have different costs for this product. Generally, we will choose brands. At the same price, we believe in big brands. Mainly the quality is guaranteed.

    ;    3. Performance of ECM motors

        ECM motor efficiency, noise size, frequency conversion energy-saving ability, speed and other performance characteristics will affect the price of the motor, generally we will choose high efficiency, low noise, frequency conversion energy saving, constant speed, constant air volume, constant torque EMC motor.

       4.Other factors

There are many other factors that affect the price of ECM motors, such as ECM motor parameters, ECM motor usage and usage environment requirements.

      Factors affecting prices through ECM motors The introduction, I believe you should know how to choose the information that is useful to you, the ECM motor cost-effective, welcome to buy.