Brushless freezer fan motor

Brushless freezer fan motor

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Brushless Fan Fan Motor Features

       Fan Motor Model 7120 Customizable, brushless freezer fan motor has IP65 high protection rating, built-in control panel sprayed with special protective coating to ensure high temperature and dust Perfect operation in the environment. The refrigerator fan motor housing is made of engineering plastics, the motor protection level is Class II, and the grounding wire is also needed, thus saving costs.

     Our products include variable frequency EC/DC DC brushless motors, fans (centrifugal fans, gas fans, axial fans) and controllers. The products are widely used in refrigeration, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning, ventilation and heating, heating and household appliances industries, such as supermarket energy-saving freezer, freezer, telecommunications communication base station ventilation, clean room and air purifier, gas boiler and so on.