• DC Brushless Blower

    DC Brushless BlowerD-RG118 products are widely used in gas heating equipment, burners, combustion gas boilers, gas wall boilers, water heating, textile machineContact Now

  • Full premixed gas turbine

    Full premixed gas turbineD-RG130 adopts low noise, high temperature resistance, constant air volume control design, long life brushless DC motor, maximum speed 6150rContact Now

  • burner fan

    burner fanD-RG148 products are characterized by high efficiency, low noise, stable operation, long life and energy saving. The DC brushless fan is easContact Now

  • DC Brushless Fan

    DC Brushless FanD-RG175 motors feature stall protection and current limiting protection, as well as soft start and auto start procedures. The degree of protContact Now

  • Smart stove fan

    Smart stove fanD-R77 has the advantages of large air volume, high wind pressure and low noise. It can be customized according to customer requirements. NonContact Now