ECM motor

ECM motor

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Features of ECM Motors

    Tradition ECM Motor is used to pass air through the evaporator and condenser coils, usually with a cylindrical shroud (SP) or permanent split Capacitor (PSC) motors, which are extremely inefficient. The trend in recent years has been to replace these motors with ECM motors that can reduce energy use by 65% or more. Transforming these ECM motors into existing refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems.  ECM motor can be customized, welcome to buy.

      The advantages of ECM motors are low noise, long life, no spark interference, convenient centralized control, etc., and the cost performance of ECM motors will be higher and higher.   ECM motor refers to ECM constant torque motor, which belongs to permanent magnet brushless motor. ECM motor has constant torque output function. ECM motor has built-in intelligent control module, which can be maintenance-free. The ECM motor has its own output interface, sensor output interface, speed switch output interface, alarm device output interface and master-slave signal output interface. ECM motor products also feature high intelligence, energy saving, long life, low vibration, low noise and continuous uninterrupted operation.