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What are the characteristics of the burner fan?
- 2019-03-25-
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       Our main products are: brushless centrifugal blower, < a="" class="{$$0$$}">burner fan and other products, widely used in household appliances, medical equipment, heating and cooling equipment, high-end kitchen equipment, intelligent machinery and equipment And other fields. The company's existing  ISO9001 system certification and   CCC, GS, CE, ROHS and other related product certification, a variety of products have national patents. Let us introduce the advantages and features of the burner fan.

        The burner fan produced by our company has the advantages of simple structure and convenient maintenance. burner fan compared with other burner Fans cost-effective. The burner fan has high wind pressure, low noise and high efficiency. Through the optimized design of the burner fan, perfect manufacturing process and strict quality standards, our burners have the least impact on the environment throughout the life cycle, and the burner fan is durable, stable and reliable. Let us introduce the characteristics of the burner fan.     

      1. Burner fan has the characteristics of convenient operation, low noise, and high efficiency of burner fan speed control;

      2. All electronic devices of the burner fan are embedded inside the fan;

      3. Burner fans make the use of other components more efficient;

      4. Burner fan cost-effective, long life.

        5. Burner fan material is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, NSK high speed bearing.

        6. Burner fan motor uses wide-voltage, wide-band, high-speed motor.

        7. The burner fan has no other moving parts, and the parts of the impeller running part are After a very precise balance of design, testing, and calibration, the vibration rate is very low.

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