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What are the advantages of smart stove fans?
- 2019-03-25-


         Our companySmart stove fanHigh precision, long life and low noise Ball bearings, high-quality lubricants, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistance and more stable operation. And Smart Stove FansUse high quality bearings, enameled wire, higher reliability, and I Division has a strong design capability, can design and manufacture special fans according to customer requirements, according to customer drawings production and sample production and fast on-time delivery. The company's existing  ISO9001 system certification and  CCC, GS, CE, ROHS and other related product certification, and a variety of products have national patents, and our company understand various industries For the specific needs of the fan, a variety of standard products are available for you to choose from, Welcome to call to buy.

       Smart Stove Fans passed the CE and RoSh standards, and we conducted a drop test with a smart stove fan in the smallest package Dropped from a height of 30 cm to a thick 10 cm board for three consecutive times without damage. The intelligent stove fan wind wheel material is made of flame-retardant plastic, which can be flame retardant. It adopts maintenance-free ball bearing and is easy to use. The most important characteristic of the intelligent stove fan is that our fan has a long service life and can reach 20,000 hours under normal use. long.

       Smart stove fans can extend their service life if they are maintained during daily use. For example, Smart Stove Fan for long-term idle reuse, check if each connection is Reliable and reliable, the rotation is flexible, and can be used officially after trial rotation; During inspection through Smart stove fan The air is clean and dry, not mixed with impurities and excessive water vapor; More attention Smart stove fan Whether there is abnormal sound during operation, whether the vibration is increased or not. If abnormal conditions are found, it is necessary to stop the maintenance in time.