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Introduction to ECM motor technical parameters
- 2019-03-28-

       ECM Motor The main structure is a gearbox assembled by a gearbox and a drive motor. Reducer with deceleration adjustment and torque function. Its characteristics are particularly large, such as its small size, long life, high rotation accuracy, and large torque. Let us introduce the parameters of the ventilator.

       ECM Motor Basics:
    ;    Power range: 0.01W-50W (customizable)       Voltage range: 3V-24V (customizable)        Diameter size: 3.4mm-38mm (customizable)       Power range: 0.01W-50W (customizable)
       Output speed: 5rpm-1500rpm (customizable)       Speed ratio range: 2-2000 (can be customized Transmission noise: 45DB (customizable)       Output torque: Cm (customizable)       Gearbox material: plastic, metal gearbox (customizable)       Drive motor: DC motor, stepper motor, hollow cup motor, electric horse (Customizable)

      ECM motors are more energy efficient than YZF series motors. Obviously, the ECM motor can save up to 70% energy, greatly reducing the electricity bill and carbon dioxide emissions that need to pay for the operation of the motor. Not only that, because the heat of the ECM motor itself is very small, the whole refrigeration system is more efficient and the motor operation is more stable and reliable.

      The advantages of ECM motors are summarized as: small size, good stability, weight Light weight, long life, low noise, high efficiency, low vibration, no spark, high reliability, adaptability, simple maintenance and maintenance.