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Energy-saving fan motor maintenance and maintenance
- 2019-04-15-

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      Energy-saving fan motor uses high-quality, low-noise bearings for smooth and reliable operation. Energy-saving fan motor is characterized by safety, reliability, low noise, low power consumption, long life and high air volume. What is Energy-saving fan motor, in terms of energy saving, The lower the power of the motor, the smaller the energy consumption, the higher the efficiency of the motor, the energy consumption The smaller, and the impact on the energy consumption of the fan is much more complicated. The influence of air volume and wind pressure on performance is related to the design of the air duct. It can also adjust the working point by changing the resistance design of the air duct. In the different designs of the fan, the same result can also be achieved by adjustment. Energy-saving fan motor needs to pay attention to many things in daily maintenance and maintenance. Let's talk about energy-saving fan motor< span="" style="font-size: 18px;">Maintenance and Maintenance.

      Energy-saving fan motor maintenance and care

       1.Energy saving When the fan motor is used in , we should pay attention to the environment and try to keep the environment clean. The surface of the energy-saving fan motor should also be kept clean, Energy-saving fan motor Import and export should be free of impurities, Energy-saving fan motor fan and dust inside the pipe Such impurities should be removed regularly.

       2.Only when Energy-saving fan motor can only work when the fan is completely normal. At the same time, in order to ensure sufficient capacity of the power supply facilities, the voltage is stable, and defective operation is strictly prohibited. The power supply line must be a dedicated line and must not be a temporary line for a long time.

       3.Energy-saving fan motorWhen the fan is running, it is found that the fan sound is abnormal. Energy-saving fan The motor is hot, the casing is charged, the switch trips, and it cannot start. Should immediately stop the inspection. To ensure safety, maintenance is not allowed during fan operation. After the inspection, the test should be run for about 5 minutes to confirm that there is no abnormality and restart.

       4. Energy-saving fan motor should be stored in a dry environment to avoid moisture in the motor. Energy-saving fan motor should be protected when stored in the open air. During storage and handling, the fan should be prevented from bumping to avoid damage to the energy-saving fan motor.