Full premixed gas turbine fault handling
- 2019-06-10-


       Full premixed gas turbine has low noise, high temperature, shoulderlifelong ,The maximum speed of the brushless DC motor of the pre-mixed gas turbine is 6150rpm, and the full premixed gas turbine wind pressure flow is steplessly adjustable, which can be used for pipeline ventilation. Wall-mounted boilers, commercial stoves, etc., we can also process custom. There will be some problems in the daily use of the full premixed gas blower. Let's talk about how we should deal with these problems.

       All Premixed gas turbines If there is insufficient airflow, the treatment should be handled in time. For example, if the rotor gap is large, we can use tools to adjust the clearance if full premixed gas turbine< pan="">The leak is not good, we should replace the seal; if the full premixed gas blower filter is clogged, the treatment method is Replace or clean the filter sponge.

       Full premixed gas turbines have motor overload, we should respond to different problems The solution, for example, if the lubricant is not working, we recommend to change the quality lubricant; if the full premixed gas turbine does not turn or rotate too slowly We recommend repairing the full premixed gas turbine. If it cannot be repaired, it can be replaced directly all Premixed gas turbines.

    All premixed gas fans must be in production When fully premixed with gas turbines, it shows very accurate sensitivity and accuracy. Therefore, the role of the board is very important, so full premixed gas turbine circuit board needs to be precision fabricated, but the voltage has a significant impact on the board, at the same time, the voltage This will cause the fan's wind speed to decrease and the gas pressure to be affected, so the full premixed gas turbine requires an accurate installation.

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