DC brushless blower maintenance precautions
- 2019-03-26-



         DC Brushless BlowerIn the course of use, maintenance is also required. Here are some things to note:   

       1. Before using the DC brushless blower, check if the fasteners are complete and the connection is firm and reliable. Whether the operation is flexible or not, etc.

        2.DC Brushless The blower should not be subjected to large impact during handling and installation to avoid friction after deformation of the blade and the casing.

        3. The impeller diameter of the DC brushless blower should be larger than the diameter of the fan impeller to reduce The resistance of the fan itself improves ventilation efficiency. Mine fans above 2×18.5Kw should use powerful fans to prevent excessive wind pressure and fracturing fans. DC brushless blowers need to periodically clean up noise inside the housing.

       4. When the DC brushless blower is not in use, it should be placed in the air circulation to Protect from moisture and corrosion.

       5.DC Brushless Air blower The exposed part of the lead wire connection should not be less than 1.5 mm, the insulation resistance should not be less than 1 megohm, DC brushless blower internal wiring should be Correct and reliable.

       6. For high-power local DC brushless blowers, regularly on the front and rear bearings of the motor Add lube oil to extend the service life; clean dust and debris on the orifice plate, the sound-absorbing material should be Bao Te to improve the noise reduction effect.          

       7. DC brushless blower debugging completed After that, the rolling flexibility of the brushless centrifugal blower should be checked before starting, and the friction should be checked by hand jamming the blade. Check the DC brushless blower and adjacent piping for any remnants and other debris.

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