Brushless freezer fan motor can be customized
- 2019-03-29-

Features of brushless freezer fan motor:

1. Brushless freezer fan motor products are characterized by safety, reliability, low noise, low power consumption, long life and large air volume. The brushless freezer fan motor has IP65 high protection level, the refrigerator fan motor housing is made of engineering plastics, the motor protection level reaches Class II, and the grounding wire is also needed, thus saving cost.

2. Brushless freezer fan motor products are widely used in notebook computers, teller machines, car refrigerators, audio amplifier systems, ventilation equipment, security equipment, stage lighting, household appliances, machinery and other industries.

3. The brushless freezer fan motor can be designed and manufactured according to your requirements. The length of the shaft, shaft diameter, wire length, color and wire diameter can be customized according to your requirements.

In addition, our company can customize the following special function fan motor according to customer requirements:

1, high intelligence function

2, temperature control alarm

3, IC protection, with blocking, automatic restart function

4, waterproof function

5, environmental protection function

Blank freezer fan motor disassembly, diagnosis and repair

Some freezers, especially larger electric freezers Install a fan at the condenser to dissipate heat.

1. Unplug the fan motor of the brushless freezer. Unplug the power supply of the electric freezer and remove the fan motor directly.

2. The diagnosis and repair of the fan motor of the brushless freezer are the same as above, causing the condenser to dissipate heat badly and the cooling is poor. It should be installed smoothly and at an appropriate angle when replacing.

Characteristics of the brushless freezer fan motor:

0-10VDC / PWM speed regulation, soft start     

Designed with galvanized steel/aluminum-magnesium alloy impeller casing   

Using maintenance-free ball bearings   

Electronic protection    

Insulation class B, protection class IP44/54    

Operating temperature - minus 20 degrees -70 degrees    

Lifetime over 30,000 hours                                                                    

CCC,CE Certification, in line with ROSH, ERP2015 environmental standards                                  

Warranty period 12 months