What are the advantages of brushless DC motor?
- 2019-03-28-


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      Brushless DC motor consists of motor body and driver, is a typical mechanical and electrical integration Products. Brushless DC Motors have fast response, large starting torque, and provide rated torque from zero to rated speed, but brushless DC motor is its shortcoming. Because the DC motor is to produce constant torque under rated load, the stator winding of the motor is made into three phases. Symmetrical star connection is very similar to a three-phase asynchronous motor. Let us introduce the four advantages of brushless DC motor.

      1.Brushless DC motors are small and lightweight. Brushless DC motors have a long service life of more than 10 times that of brushed motors, but they need to be replaced if they are broken, but they do not require maintenance on a daily basis. It is easy to repair and maintain.

       2. Brushless DC motors are more efficient because The use of permanent magnets and the loss of the core without the core, while the use of permanent magnets in the ventilator motor can also reduce motor maintenance and extend the life of the motor.

       3. Low noise, brushless DC motor without a brush, The friction is greatly reduced during operation, the operation is smooth, the noise is much lower, and the vibration is small, no spark, high reliability, good stability, and strong anti-interference ability.

       4. Brushless DC motor runs in self-control mode, suddenly in load It does not cause oscillation and loss of synchronization when changing. Through the appropriate transformation algorithm, the thermal performance of the motor can be improved, the rotational speed range and response time of the motor can be improved, better electromagnetic isolation can be achieved, and the torque response can be improved.

In summary, the advantages of the brushless DC motor are many, welcome to buy.