Reason for selecting Yingzhi intelligent stove fan
- 2019-05-15-


       The reason for choosing the intelligent smart stove fan is that the smart stove fan products of Yingdong are driven by brushless DC motor.  Smart Stove Fans features long-life intelligent control. And the Smart stove fan adopts high static pressure constant current control design, the maximum speed is 6000rpm, and the wind pressure flow is steplessly adjustable, compared with other The company's smart stove fans are more cost effective. Our Smart stove fans are used in a wide range of applications, such as for wall-hung boilers, kitchen stove fans, thermal equipment, air purification and ventilation facilities Wait. Smart stove fans are extremely cost effective compared to imported similar fans. So choose the profit smart stove fan must not be wrong, choose the profit smart stove fan can avoid the later maintenance jobs.

      Smart's smart stove products use low noise and resistance High temperature, can also be used for pipeline ventilation, wall-hung boilers, floor heating, air purifiers, etc., the quality is better than other fans, the price is low. Moreover, our smart stove fan uses permanent magnet excitation to eliminate the loss caused by the excitation current of the induction motor, so the loss is small and the efficiency is high. Because the excitation magnetic field of the intelligent stove fan does not require the reactive current of the grid, the power factor is high, and it is more advantageous at light loads. Compared with the variable frequency speed regulation of induction motor, the intelligent speed control of the brushless DC motor is not only simple, but also has better speed regulation performance.

      The above is to choose our profit Intelligence Reasons for the stove fan, Our company adheres to the tenet of "Customer's request is committed, continuous innovation is the goal", and continuous improvement The manufacturing equipment and processes of the products ensure the improvement of product quality, while constantly pursuing the fine management to increase the efficiency. Our team is working hard to create greater value for our customers!