Why does the burner wind machine generate too much noise?
- 2019-03-29-


        In general, the noise generated by the burner fan is mainly the fan. Burner fan consists primarily of burner clicks and burner impellers. Since the burner burns with a large flame, in order to maintain the normal combustion of the burner, it is necessary to maintain sufficient oxygen supply to the burner, and the impeller serves to deliver a large amount of air to the burner. Let us introduce why the burner wind opportunity produces too much noise.

      When we found the burner fan When it comes to noise, we should confirm whether the external sound is the inside of the burner fan,if burner fan There is a lot of noise inside, we first need to check this position to see if the internal foreign objects enter. However, basically burner fan 90% of the abnormal noise is caused by foreign matter entering the impeller. As long as we can remove foreign objects, we can fundamentally solve the abnormal noise of burner fan. However, there is another reason that may cause a burner fan noise failure, which is burner fan< the="" damage="" of="" pan=""> is actually corrupted by the noise of the burner fan or the motor of the noise source.
      If it is caused by a burner fan, we need to repair or replace the burner fan. However, there is another situation in which the noise may be caused by the excessive opening of the burner damper and the lack of necessary air filtration measures, resulting in burner fan corrugated pipe Foreign matter is clogged. However, in general, the possibility of this problem is relatively low, but we should also maintain a certain degree of attention to this issue. This will make it easier to find out why the burner fan will have noise and how to solve the problem quickly, above is about burner fan introduction, I hope to help you.