Smart stove fan

Smart stove fan

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Chi Gas stove features:

        Smart stove The fan has the advantages of large air volume, high wind pressure, low noise, high efficiency, stable operation, long life, energy saving, etc. It can be customized according to customer requirements, non-standard products, and a wide range of applications: ventilator, intelligent Toilet seat, etc.

        Intelligent stove fan products use low noise, high temperature, constant air volume control design, long life brushless DC motor, can be used for pipeline ventilation, wall-hung boiler, floor heating, air, air Purifiers, etc., the quality is better than the German EBM fan, the price is low.

       Smart stove fans passed the CE standard and RoSh standards, and we carried out the drop test, the smart stove fan dropped from 30cm height to 10cm thick board for three consecutive times in the smallest package No damage. The peak acceleration of the intelligent stove fan impact test is 150m/s2 and has no effect for 11ms. The vibration test displacement amplitude is 1.5mm, and the frequency range is 10hz-55hz/30s. The intelligent stove fan wind wheel material is made of flame-retardant plastic, which can be flame retardant. It adopts maintenance-free ball bearing and is easy to use. The most important characteristic of the intelligent stove fan is that our fan has a long service life and can reach 20,000 hours under normal use. long.