DC Brushless Blower

DC Brushless Blower

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       DC brushless blower is widely used in gas heating devices, burners, combustion gas boilers, gas boilers, water heating, textile machinery, intelligent commercial Kitchenware and other related ventilation equipment can be customized according to customer requirements, non-standard products.

       DC brushless blower has the characteristics of low noise and high temperature resistance. The DC brushless blower of Yingdong has passed CE certification, and the material of the wind wheel is made of anti-static flame retardant plastic. The volute material is made of aluminum die-casting, and the bearing system uses maintenance-free ball bearings. Our 18-month DC brushless blower warranty is guaranteed, and the constant air volume control design makes our DC brushless blower last longer. The maximum speed of brushless DC motor can reach 6000rpm. And the wind pressure flow of our DC brushless blower is designed to be steplessly adjustable.

Model: G-R148, G-R130, G-R118, D-R77

Voltage: 230V/24V

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Input power: 73W

Maximum speed: 6000rpm

Maximum static pressure: 4000 Pa

Net weight: 1.08kg

Noise: 78 decibels (1 meter away)